Mud Pie Its My Party Plate & Hat Blue

$9.99 $6.99

One 2 piece 1st Birthday Boy Cake Plate and Hat Set by Mud Pie. This dining set will help capture your baby's cake smashing moment in style. The tiny hat is the perfect size for baby, and the little dish is just right for a mini cake or cupcake. Create a birthday tradition, and use the plate year after year! 

The 1st Birthday Boy Cake Plate and Hat Set features:

  • One 5 inch tall party hat:


  • Blue felt cone
  • A white felt "1" applique
  • A white pom-pom on the top
  • White rick-rack trim
  • Elastic band


  • One 6.25 inch white ceramic plate:


  • "It's my party" in blue debossed letters
  • Scalloped edge with ribbed texture
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