Holly + Beau Color Changing Umbrella Pirates


Make sure they have fun in the rain with this magical pirate color changing umbrella. This lightweight children’s umbrella magically changes color when it gets wet and returns to the original color once dry. The quick and easy to use opening mechanism has a slide feature where the child can simply side it up to open and then slide it down to close. This stops any fingers getting caught when it suddenly starts to rain! Holly & Beau’s Color Changing monster Umbrella is sure to be a favorite. Matching raincoat available.

Key features:

  • Changes color when wet
  • Returns to original color when dry
  • Lightweight rain protection
  • Easy to open
  • Dimensions:
    • Length (handle to tip): 24.4” / 62cm
    • Width of handle: 3” / 7.5cm
    • Width when open: 33” / 84cm
    • Weight: 0.5lbs / 220grams
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