Carrying On : Style, Beauty, Décor (and More) for the Nervous New


“When you find out that you're pregnant, you might be nervous. I certainly was,
mostly because I didn't know anything, and I wanted to know it all. Right now.”

In Carrying On, lifestyle blogger Jordan Reid weaves real-world fashion, beauty, home décor, and entertaining advice into a candid account of what pregnancy (and new parenthood) is really like. Fearlessly taking on topics that every mom-to-be wrestles with, including judgment from peers (and total strangers), relationship upheavals, intimacy issues, and the greatest worry of all—can you ever truly be “ready” for a change as big as a baby?—Carrying On is a must-read for any woman looking for a humorous (and sometimes heartbreaking) account of what life is like when you're waiting for your new one to start.

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