Automoblox Mini Create Your Own Sport Utility Vehicle

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The Mini X9-X SUV from Automoblox is scaled down for a smaller size. Features future-retro styling; fits in the palm of your hand when build. Includes spoke wheels and a new universal connector system, making the pieces interchangeable with other mini sets.


High-quality building system that's built to last and designed from durable materials. Each Automoblox wheel is molded out of polycarbonate plastic making it almost impossible to break. Finished in silver metallic paint with a non-toxic clear coat finish for a lasting shine.

Age Range: Designed to grow with your child, this toy can be used starting at the age of 3 for basic toy car play. As your child grows and develops, the toy becomes more engaging as they take it apart and rebuild and eventually begin to create their own car designs.

Automoblox are open-ended play toys with learning benefits like, creative problem solving, gross and fine motor skills, and visio-spatial processing.

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