Brand Spotlight: Aioty NYC

Brand Spotlight: Aioty NYC

Brand Spotlight: AIOTY NYC 

Find out what Inspires clothing designer Stephanie Gellon

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Fall Got Me Like: Potatoes

Fall Got Me Like... POTATOES

follow my recipe for THE perfect Potato soup

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New Week New Arrivals: Product Spotlight Native Shoes

As a full bred Fashion lover, I find myself constantly reading glossy fashion Mags (when I manage to find the free time) and drooling over some of my favorite Instagram/Social Media Fashion Bloggers.
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Vendor Spotlight: Sun & Sea

Stop.. Drop.. everything you are doing and take a look at these awesome new products to hit the store! We could not be more excited about these awesome new gift sets. Whether it be a person gift or one for a friend these sets are a true crowd pleaser! I mean come on look at that packaging!
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Vendor Spotlight: Rockin' Baby

When shopping for items for the shop we are ALWAYS drawn to fun and quirky prints. (If you have not noticed we kind of have a thing for bananas around here) So when we stumbled across Rockin' Baby it was love at first sight, and we knew this was going to be one hell of a relationship.
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Summer got me like: Avocado Bruschetta

Summer got me like: Avocado Bruschetta

Summer has got me craving all things light and refreshing. Insert Avocado here.
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Whats the Deal? Amber Teething Necklaces

I used to be incredibly skeptical about amber teething necklaces until we tried them for ourselves. Since I’ve now had lots of time to compare life before and after we started using one, I am even more convinced that they work.
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32 And It Feels SO Good!

Yesterday I celebrated my 32nd Birthday. I hit the big three-OH while I was pregnant, and it was well devastating. I know your'e probably thinking (boo-hoo someone shut this whiny B** up) but seriously, I was pregnant, turning 30 (which I now love) and all my friends were busy with their fabulous lives of partying and hitting up the newest most stylish spots in the city, and i was sitting on the couch with a baskin robbin's ice cream. 
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It's Been a While : I Promise There is A Valid Reason!

My Blogging had come to pretty much well...non existent. With being a crazy busy mom, wife, designer, wedding planner and working during season for a wholesale showroom and traveling like a nut! With all of this and well life going on, we decided to just go completely crazy and open our very first BRICK AND MORTAR STORE! <3


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Around Town: Bobby's Tike Hike- Kid's Bicycle Tours at Lincoln Park Zoo

Spring has sprung! We could not be more excited about the amazing weather here in Chicago, with that being said we are gearing up for a fun filled, spring/summer and looking forward to many outdoor activities with the kiddos. 
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Restaurant Spotlight: Little Goat

If you have had a chance to head in to Stephanie Izard's  (Top Chef) Restaurant Girl & The Goat-, in Chicago's West Loop Neighborhood,  then you know her food is TO DIE FOR. My first experience was thanks to my Bestie for my 30th birthday while I was pregnant with A. Needless to say I craved it for a while after. 




 (I mean check out this "diner")


I had a chance to get to her diner Little Goat on several occasions, and this time was extra special as my eldest brother was in town from NYC. One of his favorite restaurants is Girl & The Goat and we thought no brainer to take him over to the Diner. 




 (oh hey handsome brother)


They were a little crowded, and the wait time was about 30 minutes, I thought "great, what the heck is my now 16 month old going to do for 30 min". He had a blast just saying "hi" to everyone in the entry waiting area, playing with the decor and well just being a kid. Best part was, no one seemed to mind. 


Once we were seated they offered a fun kids menu for him to color which had some pretty good options for kiddos. Everything is made from scratch (can we say hot cinnamon buns?) YES PLEASE! 

and the food is unbelievable.






We started with a hot iced cinnamon roll for the table, it was so good we ended up ordering a second. Me the Patty Melt, my brother the omelet and the babe had some hashbrowns, eggs and fruit. 


(insert open drooling mouth here)



Id have to say this place gets a BIG FAT 10 for kid friendly, its hustling and bustling which always helps with kids who tend to scream or yell (i swear only on occasion), and the food is incredible.

Take my word for it and head to the LITTLE GOAT!






Check out their menu HERE





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New Year New Me : Thanks to Yummie Tummie

f your'e a C- section survivor (thats a post for another day) then you know the struggle is real with your post C bod. Fashion has changed for me, it used to be, throw on whatever you want/like and good to go. Those days are long gone, and I am loving and accepting of the new me (with the help of some go to products). My new FAVE are Yummie Tummie Pants! 

(Founded by a Real Housewife of New York Heather Thomson) 


I had my first experience with Yummie Tummie while I was shopping the sale rack at my local Nordstrom Rack. I though  (like every other new mama) "OH these are nice leggings" and tossed in to my cart they went. 


I got home, slipped these babies on and life has never been the same. 


I then found that Yummie Tummie is also available in shapewear, tanks, active wear and more. GAME CHANGER.




 Look past the never changing image of the "thin" woman wearing shapewear- something I will never understand, and what I think is a problem with our society.. but god thats a post for another day!




Anyway shop Yummie Tummie Here



Thank me later!




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