Restaurant Spotlight: Summer House Santa Monica

Restaurant Spotlight: Summer House Santa Monica

Looking for a winter escape? You don't have to go too far to feel like you've been whisked away warmer climates. 

Lettuce Entertain You restaurants have always held a special place in our hearts. From our first dates to our rehearsal dinner (raise your hand if you remember Scoozi!- insert tear her) to many family date nights with our little boy. We have savored the flavors of many of the LEYE restaurants, but one keeps bringing us back: Summer House Santa Monica. 

This past weekend my father in law was in town for a brief visit. He traveled from Sarasota, Florida; and although a Chicago native the years away have weakened that Midwest skin and even brisk March days seem like December. A refreshing break from the chills we decided to take him to SHSM for lunch. 

Upon entering you are greeted with THE most amazing cookie & dessert section. Cookies with unusual but delectable flavors, large enough to share and not enough to save for later. As we waited for our table we "oohed" & "ahhed" over which one he  would be bringing home to his wife in Florida, and which one I would be stuffing my face with, accompanied by my usual 3 fingers of Cabaret after toddler bedtime routine that same evening. 

We enjoyed some flavored fresh fruit water and were taken to our seats. An awesome reminder of summer yet to come... 162 days to be exact.

We took our seats and opted for some refreshing appetizers. The ahi tuna & watermelon tostadas were delectable- my two year old loves them too, aside from the little kick of heat. (I could eat an entire plate of these) we also chose the guacamole and chips. Fresh homemade guacamole and chips; perfectly salted with a hint of lime- perfect for sharing, especially with little fingers. 

SHSM is home to one of my FAVORITE cocktails the "Ricky Bobby"- aside from its awesome name, the flavors are BEYOND. Tito's vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, lime & strawberry air- (yes you read that right) strawberry AIR! A fluffy bubble overflow of strawberry flavor floating atop your glass filled with one long chunk of ice. 

Our main course stole the show- my father in law with the Summer house salad topped with salmon, us with the wood grilled prime Burger with fries, and a Ceasar salad. Our waiter split both for us so it was just the perfect size. I highly recommend sharing here as all of their plates are worthwhile and it's hard to choose just one.

Sitting next to us a couple with there maybe 5 year old girl, two separate tables with infants across from us, reassured that this place is baby/kid friendly. 

Aside from the delicious food, spending an afternoon enjoying the flavors truly feels like a getaway at SHSM. Grab the girls (big or little) and head for an afternoon of delectable bites, tasty drinks and cookies that will put your mama to shame! 





Lale Ketcham

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