Baby it's Cold Outside: Get Your Babe Winter Ready Here!

It's the day after Halloween and we are officially in November. 

If your'e in Chicago you are bitter and not just from the cold but because it SNOWED last night- that, the accompanying winds and lack of potential candy because your kids could only make it a couple of houses if at all- or if your'e like me and wondering what you are supposed to do with all the candy you were unable to give out? besides stuffing it down your throat. 


Ugh, thats Chicago for you- 90's and sunny one day and the next were rushing out to buy salt. Living here has made us accustomed to never "putting away" those winter boots, gloves or Jacket. Even the summer months will always leave you with a "probably should'nt put the ice scraper in the trunk just yet" look on your face. 


With that being said- What are we supposed to do to keep our little babes warm in what is bound to be this years "polar vortex"


We have hand selected some of our current fave warm weather pieces that will keep your babe warm and looking stylish!



For the newbies


For the boys or girls! 

we adore this Rothschild one piece snowsuit with traditional quilted pattern- 



Currently on sale from $80 to $48 at lord&taylor




For the ladies

North Face is a go to brand for winter wear- we adore this pink snowsuit- lucky it comes in black and blue too!

find it for $110 at Macy's





Kate Spade/Jack Spade Collaboration: (Also featured in another post) Launched in October!

Limited edition 

Boys (Toddler) Wool Jacket Jack Spade

$125.00 available here




Boys (Toddler) Hands Scarf

$24.95 available here



Girls Toddler Bow Puffer Jacket 

$94.95 available here



Girls or Boys! "HI 5" mittens

$11.95 available here



Big Kids

Love love love this "all american" girl plaid jacket with suede details from Ralph Lauren





Available on for $109.99 on sale from $145

Lale Ketcham

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